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GameJam : A Jellyfish that count

Solo project made in 5 days for the UE4 2019 Summer Jam

The project is a simple "childish toy" in augmented reality.

The gameplay is quite simple, based on "Simon say", the toy is calling for numbers, colors or shapes, and the player has to press the right button on the right order. The difficulty came when multiple languages get involved. ;)

That was my first AR project using the Unreal Engine. The "Jellyfish game object" is working as an autonomous element, independant from the rest of the project. The main chalenge was to make it work properly on augmented reality.

It was my first AR project using the Unreal Engine and I spent most of my time in compiling and setups...

The model is made in Blender and textured with Substance painter.

Gameplay screen recording

Various screenshots




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