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Personal project : Game O Verre

The Game O Verre is an electronic game device that i develop on my free time. This device is able to detect when a user pick his glass and when we take a sip on it and I'm designing game using this gestures.

Current state is a playable pre-prototype. I designed everything especially :

  • Global organisation and project managing.

  • Product design and electronics | R&D, industry sample, custom PCB...

  • Design and develop tailored games | Game design, UI/UX, HTML/Js

  • Graphics and sound design

  • Play-tests and feedback gatherings

Current setup

Some preview UI Sceenshots of the WIP blindest web app. (Adobe XD)


Game prototype : The Last One Standing

This prototype has been made in solo in 72h during the game jam Ludum Dare 37.

Details and download here :

My main goal was to have proper interaction between the GameOVerre device and the game with synchronised animation.

Each players/glasses have his favorite drink assigned, when you have your right drinks in front of you, you have to grap it and have a sip on it. If you fail you lose points.

The 3D and animations are made in Blender and the game is developped using GameMakers 1.4

It was my first project on GameMakers, so the gameplay is quite simple.

Gameplay vidéo (better play with friends)

Note : The ratio amusement/drinking is not balanced at all so I did not continue the development of this game after the gamejam.


Archive medias

Note : Pictures and video under are from a previous version available here on Instructables. The newest version is using elastic ribbons and 6 axis motion detection sensors are being implemented.

Family portrait : From the first prototype (made and tested in a few minutes) to the current one (so much longer)

Evolution of the setup

Instrucables galery : Pictures from the DIY version

Technical demo : Beat first super Mario level using the Game O Verre - attempt nr 14




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