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Leo Marius


Designer touche à tout

For my detailed resume please consult my Linkedin page






3D modeling is a long time hobby, I started as self-taught when i was teenager and I never stopped since.
First it was for illustration projects then more technical and design projects for 3D printing. Now I also make models for real time and game uses on my free time.
I have a personal preference for polygonal modeling  and organic designs but I adapt the technology depending of the project needs.


Polygonal modeling ★★★☆

Texturing | rendering | rigging | animation ★☆☆☆

Fusion 360

CAD modeling ★★☆☆

Rendering | CAM | animation ★☆☆☆

Unreal Engine

Basics ★★☆☆

Blueprint programing ★★☆☆


I'm into FabLabs since long time.
As a student first, then I co-founded an associative FabLab in Saint-Etienne and the get different experiences in other labs. I'm curently working at the emlyon business school makers'lab as manager.
I got a good knowledge of the labs tools and I like to share it with others.
I like the learning by doing and hacker spirit we can have in thoses places.

3D printing

Fused deposing material ★★★☆

Machine setup and maintenance

Laser cutting

Vectorial draw | Illustrator | Inkscape ★★☆☆

Machine setup and maintenance ☆☆


Lab managment ★★★☆

Tech teaching | workshop animation ★★★☆


I started learning web technologies few years ago for personal projects. I studied basics front-end techs and then Javascript.
I liked the universal aspect of JS, it's working seamless on every devices, I even started programing electronics with it.
I thinks web technologies are going to replace classics operating systems soon and it's exciting to work on it.


So many online course ★★☆☆


Plain Javascript ES6 ★★☆☆

Algorithmic ☆☆


NodeJS ★☆☆☆

Github | Collaboration ★★☆☆

OpenSource ★★★☆


I can resume my interest for tech with two questions : How is it working ?  and How could I improve it ?
I like to understand how the systems are working, hardware, or software, and once I understood, i always search a way to improve it !
The projects I prefer to work on are projects with hardware, software and human interaction.


Arduino programing ★★☆☆

PCB routing ★☆☆☆

Sensors knowledge ★★☆☆


Making things work ★★☆☆

Mixing technologies ☆☆

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